What will 2021 bring?

A lot is changing and happening in the world right now and many people are really curious to find out what the next year will bring.

Astrology can provide some pointers here, but it is much more important to first to look inside and to reflect what everyone can do today to shape his future, that of his environment, and indeed that of all of humanity for the better.

What am I actually contributing to the state of this world?  What do I achieve when I think, feel and act as I have done so far, am doing right now, or will still do?

Even before the reviews of the long expected English books “Spiritual Exercises for Freemasons” and “Diet Yoga” by Emil Stejnar (which, by the way, can already be purchased in bookshops) appeared in the archive of hermetic texts, he has spoken up again after 15 years.

-Walter Ogris


12 Commandments 

My friends will be surprised that after 15 years I will speak up again. But there is a valid reason for this: it is time for action instead of philosophizing. The world will change radically. That cannot be prevented. But it is up to us which powers are behind it.


What does the new year bring? 

This questions always arises at the turn of the year. What does the new year bring us? How will it go on? Is the world finally ending? I will go into this further below. With the activation of the Aquarian sphere by Jupiter and Saturn – and soon afterwards by Pluto – there is a lot to be said about this. And either about the viruses… 


What’s wrong with this world? 

Right now we shouldn´t ask what is in store for us, but rather: what has to be changed? What has to happen? And what can I personally do to ensure that what is supposed to happen happens? The situation is really serious. Trade, industry, economics and politics are all ruled by criminal managers, and the elites are greedy as never before. It is unbelievable what is happening in the financial sector and it is even more unbelievable that everything is accepted without hesitation and that it continues without any problems. This is due to the unsuspecting voters who voted for the incompetent politicians who allow everything, and the even more unsuspecting world conspiracy zombies and so-called lateral thinkers who do not think at all and who take to the streets against the little order that still exists. The cowardly politicians are under pressure from two sides.


The fault of the good citizens

But to blame for the precarious state in which the world is today are also the good citizens who play along, participate and accept the whole madness, for example state support for factory farming, the auto industry and airlines, while the really important, valuable, self-sacrificing nurses toil for a starvation wage. The good citizens who eat cheap meat, need a new cell phone every year, degenerate their minds pointlessly for hours on the Internet and buy disposable products and mountains of colorful scraps, on the Internet too. The good citizens who still entrust their money to banks or gamble and speculate themselves, who drive SUVs, fly long-distance trips, book cruises, etc. None of this has to be and it destroys our world just like a war does. Even the brave average citizen, the lukewarm, who cares about nothing but his own business because he thinks there is nothing I can do about it, is just as complicit in the state of the world.

The planet will therefore not go under tomorrow, not even the day after tomorrow. But the spirit degenerates, and then who on the damaged earth will direct the fate of the world? Who will then control spaceship Earth?


Why the Universe?

What is the point of creation? Whom does the colossal amount of material and energy serve? We believe that with the mind training of the Gnostic-Hermetic Tradition, a mind can grow up in the physical body that is aware that it is and that can live with the idea of ​​“I am”  as a carrier of consciousness independently of the physical body. We believe that a human being can become a body independent, space and time grasping, godlike being. This also gives the universe a meaning: planets on which new, consciously acting beings are constantly grow back. Galaxies with planets on which humans live are a breeding ground for the spirit, which can give birth to itself, shape itself and develop itself to the highest degree of perfection.


The god who can recycle

What is called God can thus be kept alive for ever and ever. The uninitiated feed the gods and demons with their ideas and emotions. The disciplined advanced go into the spheres of their special talents and can give meaning to their existence by inspiring the less developed beings on the younger planets like the genii (or with them). And if only one of the inspired, initiated monkeys makes the way to the true adept – sometime somewhere in the universe – the good Lord could calm down from time to time because he knows he will wake up again somewhere.

That would mean that behind the master builder who created the universe, there is a sustainable creator who never disappears because he recycles himself as long as the universe and its creatures exist. That the universe is actually recycling itself forever and ever, as Nobel Prize winner Roger Penrose has suspected for decades, now seems to be confirmed. The latest calculations no longer rule out an eternal cosmic return, i.e. a cyclical cosmos in which one universe follows the other. (Spiegel from December 5, 2020) But without habitable planets with sensible beings who are ready to train their minds, that would make no sense.


The blue planet must not die

Hence my appeal to each and every one of my readers: Let’s do something to keep our planet habitable! Anyone who thinks now that the individual cannot achieve anything is not true. When you consider that a single mentally ill liar managed to destabilize a country, I think of Donald Trump or the crazy Englishman Johnson, you have to say that a single honest, healthy, reasonable person can do the opposite. And there are millions who have realized that it cannot go on like this any longer. It will not be a single person who will change the world. Anyone who reads these lines can help reinforce the immense power of the millions of like-minded people.


G for Greta

The great little Greta Thunberg showed how it may be done. The Freemasons are wondering what the G in the Flaming Star actually means? God, Geometry, Generation or Gnosis? Greta provided the correct answer. So let’s do the same as the girl who managed to mobilize millions of young people. I don’t mean by going out on the streets and protesting. But by conducting. Let’s put the economy and politics under pressure! We can, because


The one who pays the piper calls the tune

Billionaire Frank Stronach said in a television interview that anyone who has the money creates. That’s right. And every citizen has more or less money, which can make a difference. The banks have no money. They “draw” what they loan out of nowhere and that money isn’t even printed. What you see of it is at best a printout from the computer. How can you be so stupid and leave your money to a bank when you don’t get interest on it? How can you be so irresponsible and buy stocks and bonds from companies that pollute and destroy the environment? How can you be so reckless and buy government bonds and bet that the central bank will also buy up these soon-to-be worthless paper in good time? You don’t need to support the banking mafia. A secure investment of stable value is gold. It can still be bought cheaply, although it is limited and is only allocated to banks and dealers in small tranches.


The new age

Let’s act and do something for this world instead of philosophizing about the hereafter! Truth, justice and compassion are the three lights in this world. You don’t have to speculate much about it, because the three lights illuminate what is right. With the entry of Jupiter and Saturn into the sphere of Aquarius at the beginning of 2021, seeds will be laid and the decisive course set for a new age. With Pluto following in March 2023 and the simultaneous change of Saturn into the spiritual, but also seductive sign of Pisces, a lot will change in the world – technology, science, perspectives and situations in business, social areas and politics. Nothing will be as it was before. And a lot will happen that cannot be imagined today. I hope that we are the ones to set the direction for the cultural change!

200 years ago, with the Enlightenment, the Freemasons were able to lead people from the world of superstition into freedom of self-determination. Everyone is enlightened now, but the elites are still as powerful as before. Today everyone is empowered, called and obliged to do something. I have some suggestions for the committed among my readers, for the Freemasons who draw up plans for which the builders are missing, for the Bardon students who, instead of floating in higher spheres, do not lose sight of the real world, for the Greta fans and everyone who wants to make a difference and does it.

There are, for example, the commandments of reason that anyone can easily follow and which, if many adhere to them, would make a tremendous difference.


The 12 commandments of reason

  1. I shall not give my money to a bank.
  2. I have control over my cell phone and use it as long as it works.
  3. I shall not order online what can be bought in local stores.
  4. I only buy what I really need.
  5. I only buy repairable goods with a guarantee of at least 5 years.
  6. I buy a maximum of 7 and only sustainable clothing items a year.
  7. I wear my clothing as long as it is wearable.
  8. I shall not fly, or charter a cruise ship, or ride with an SUV.
  9. I do not eat meat from animals that have been tortured, treated with hormones or antibiotics.
  10. I avoid any business/shop that doesn’t meet my requirements.
  11. I am not voting for a party that does not support my goals.
  12. I do not lie and despise every liar

I will get back to you soon concerning the announced virus findings. For now, all readers have a peaceful Advent without much hallelujah, but with all the more confidence for the next year.

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Emil Stejnar,

in December 2020

Emil Stejnar publishing

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